A Case of the Crabs: Rehash surprise release!!

Surprise!  We've completely remade, remastered and rehashed our award winning Flash game from 2004: A Case of the Crabs! Play as smart-ass detective, Nick Bounty, in this hilarious point & click adventure and hunt down a nefarious counterfeit crab ringleader!


A Case of the Crabs.zip 439 MB
Sep 24, 2020

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There are no comments on this? Really?

This is all awesome Pinhead Games, glad to see you landing on your feet again with Nick Bounty games after your time working at Telltale.

I will be buying some of your work including this, soon. I played the original Flash games you made back in the day and they were very funny!

-Matthew L. Hornbostel, matthornb.itch.io