C64 game update (30 years late!)

I originally made Earl the Tomb Robber using Gary Kitchen's Game Maker about 30 years ago! It's still the best C64 game I ever created, but it was never truly finished. I did release the original build, but it functioned more like a demo than a proper game. But finally, after all this time, I decided to load up an emulator, fire up Game Maker and actually finish the game!  I deleted most of the original code and started from scratch using all of the original assets while adding a few new ones. 

I hope you guys enjoy the update!

  • -New Level Progression
    • Level colors change every three rounds with unique enemy types for each level up to round 25, when colors and enemies become randomized.
  • -Better hit detection
    • Can no avoid being hit by spamming the jump button
  • -Different treasure types/values
    • Blowing up a door may randomly reveal 3 different treasures (Or just an empty door with no treasure):
      • (Green = stacks of cash: 25 points)
      • (Grey = silver bars: 50 points)
      • (Yellow = gold bars: 75 points)
  • -Mini Boss fights added
    • After round 5, a Floating Skull mini boss may appear.
    • You are required to destroy the mini boss before exiting the level.
  • -and more smaller changes and bug fixes!


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Dec 13, 2021

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I'm excited to rob some tombs