Greg Winston and four other crew mates begin a volunteer work program on Space Station Capricorn. Before long, it becomes apparent that something is... off. The station's Overseers become hard to find. The crew mates grow suspicious of one another. Memories are getting lost.  Is it just paranoia cause by the isolation, or is there something else going on?


  • Interactive sci-fi short story.
  • Classic Point & Click interface.
  • Fully vocalized by talented actors.
  • Powered by the Unity engine.
  • Fully playable in a web browser

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Awesome game, but I sadly had to quit as the "sound" puzzle isn't properly explained. How do I progress so I can leave the office? Clicking on them does nothing, but one is red, however there is no indicator of what to do. The intercom tells me to stop calling unless I have a report? Please help. Thanks!


woah awsome game it was like something from the twilight zone


Thanks  Glad you enjoyed it!