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Masterpiece. Just.. masterpiece.


Do you have to have flash installed on your computer to play this?

Nope. It's a self contained file that runs on its own.  No need to install anything else.

Thank you

This game is great. Thank you for making it, and for uploading it here! I first played it probably in high school, maybe on Newgrounds. Then it was one of the early games I played on Twitch (off the Pinhead Games CD-ROM). Took me a while to figure out a couple of the puzzles, and it still makes me laugh!

This is wonderful! Thank you so much!!

My pleasure! Now I'll have to check out the rest of your games.

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I played this game I feel like 10 years ago! Still remember it, the gun at the end still makes me giggle 😅 I'm so glad my search for it has been fruitful! Thanks for sharing this!

Glad you found the game and still have fond memories!

If you haven't tried Nick Bounty's latest case (Released just last month!!) make sure to check it out!

Great game i enjoyed it so much thank you.

Awesome to hear! Glad you enjoyed it!  Keep going! Play ALL of the Nick Bounty games!!

This was a fun game. Some tricky but doable puzzles, with a really interesting and fun story. Really like the old black and white style.

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