This game is stupid.

As I finish up the last bits of polish and bug fixing, one thing has become abundantly clear... this game is stupid.
Of course, that's by design. I take stupid very seriously. Some of my favorite things are stupid. I love stupid stories… when they are smartly done. My goal with the Nick Bounty game is to create entertaining but smart-stupid stories, and I watched a lot of stupid movies and TV shows as inspiration. Some of my favorite classics are: Airplane, Naked Gun (and the Police Squad TV series) and Top Secret. But there are also some great modern examples that influenced me as well. A Touch of Cloth, Angie Tribecca, and Children's Hospital are some great shows that you might have missed out on. If you are a fan of absurd parodies, you owe it to yourself to check these out!
There is a difference between smart stupid and dumb stupid. Smart stupid is intentional and holds a mirror up to the things we sometimes take too seriously and allows us to see the absurdity of it.
Dumb stupid is often the result of sometimes taking things too seriously and ignoring common sense in the process. You know this kind, it causes you to scream at your TV when the characters start making choices that are unmotivated and against their established personalities. (I'm looking at you, final season of Lost… and presumably Game of Thrones… I didn't actually watch the final season, but I've heard things).
I hope that Nick Bounty and the Dame with the Blue Chewed Shoe captures the spirit of these "stupid" narratives while still paying a respectful homage to the film noir detective stories that have inspired this game! I can't wait to share the game with you all!

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I look forward to your new game! I liked the first two parts very much, they had style, good noir-vibes and were funny.