Announcing the award winning cast of Nick Bounty and the Dame with the Blue Chewed Shoe!

This is the update I've been waiting a long time to announce! We've gathered an amazing line up of actors and actresses to bring the characters of this crazy mystery to life! I think you'll agree that this is one outstanding cast and I have been extremely lucky to get to work with every one of them!

The Major Players:

  • Jason Ellis - The original voice actor from the previous Nick Bounty games returns to reprise his role as the lovable smart-ass detective!
  • Dave Fenoy - Perhaps best known as Lee Everett from Telltale's The Walking Dead, Dave brings a charming suaveness to Zach Foresythe, a psychic detective and one of Bounty's potential sidekicks.
  • Cissy Jones – Delilah from Firewatch, Katjaa from The Walking Dead, Fury from Darksiders III, this amazingly versatile actress brings the sass as Emily Blackwater, a tough as nails ex-cop who doesn't follow the rules and usually works alone. Another potential partner for Nick Bounty on this case.
  • Adam Harrington - The man who played Bigby Wolf himself brings that intense energy to Walter Walterman, a retired tough guy with a questionable past who potentially teams up with Nick to solve this murder case.
  • Melissa Hutchison - The voice behind the one and only Clementine from The Walking Dead, Melissa lends her impeccable talent to infuse poise and intrigue to Ally Gheyter, sister of murder victim who may know more than she lets on.
  • Gavin Hammon - Kenny in the Walking Dead, Donatello in TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan, Jonas in Oxenfree as Teddy Novack
  • Nicki Rapp - Lili Zanotto in Psychonauts, Morgan LeFlay in Tales of Monkey Island, Lilly in The Walking Dead as Liddy Bahms
  • Lani Minella - Long time voice of Nancy Drew, Ivy in Soul Calibur VI, Larry Koopa / Wendy O Koopa & several Mario games, as Officer Sara.
  • Marc Biagli - Brian Basco in Runaway 1 & 2, Captain Temek / K'Valk in Star Trek Online, Greg in Forever Space as officer Wilmer.
  • Ron "AAlgar" Watt - Sarcastic Voyage Podcast, Post Atomic Horror as Dr. MacDonald Stuffins.
  • Mark Boszko - The Optical Podcast, Sarcastic Voyage Podcast as Scumbag.
  • Jason Ryan Wallace - Endeavor, Sarcastic Voyage Podcast as Street Steve.
  • Jonathan Myles - Neverwinter, Grand Guilds as Officer Earl.

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Damn. Calling this cast "award winning" is putting it mildly. These are all great talents, and all with work on well-known titles in the genre of adventure games. Really impressive!