Meet your Potential Sidekicks

As Nick Bounty sets out to solve a real live murder case, he'll realize that this mystery is too big to solve alone. This time, the smart-ass detective is getting a sidekick, but who that sidekick will be is up to YOU!

Emily Blackwater

A tough as nails ex cop who doesn't follow the rules and only works alone.  She's ready to hit the streets and anyone on them to track down information on the murderer.
She rose through the ranks as a vice cop by disregarding the rules and taking justice into her own hands. But when she got careless and stepped on a rake injuring herself, her Captain took her off the force until she was fit to rejoin. Until then she’ll have to take on less than ideal side jobs, including being a sidekick for Private Eye Nick Bounty. Whatever pays the bills.

Zachary Forsythe
One of those unofficial police psychics who claims to get into the mind of the murderer. He wants to advance his career by becoming an official psychic detective, but is he ready?
Zach wants more than anything to be respected as a detective.  He believes that the path to respect is to help people by being a psychic detective.  But when put to the test, Zach will instead resort to using is “abilities” to flirt and pick up women.  He’s likable, but easily distracted.

Walter Walterman
He’s old.  A cranky old-school tough guy who doesn't take any crap, but might take a few naps here and there.
Although we never know for sure, this guy was probably some kind of hit man for Las Vegas mobsters in the 50's.  He’s got nothing to prove, but has a personal need to ensure that the ways of the tough guy don’t disappear in an age of over-sensitivity. 

Who is best for the job? You'll get to interview all three, but only ONE will join you on the case of the Dame with the Blue Chewed Shoe!

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Should be Emily for that female touch

It's up to you! You'll get to pick who you want to hang out with!