Nick Bounty3: More environments, story, and and new ending!

Time for another Nick Bounty update!

The game is coming along great! We finally got Nick Bounty 3 in a state where it was fully playable from start to finish, and decided that the ending needed a little punching up. So we added and extra beat and an extra scene that will give this story that extra kick it needed. And, it's all still falling withing the projected schedule!

We've reached the point in production where the team is now mostly just me working nights and weekends to bring all the assets into the game and wire it. Up until this point I've had the privilege of collaborating with some amazingly talented people to concept and create the atmospheric environments and interesting characters you'll interact with in the game. Now that the game is playable, Ron "AAlgar" Watt and Jason Ellis will be lending their creativity to punch up the dialog and interactive bits to ensure the game keeps you entertained the entire time! And soon we'll be reaching the point where music and voice acting will come into play as well. (This is one of the most exciting phases for me, when all the scenes and characters really come to life!)

So how are things looking? Take a look at some Work In Progress scenes and characters!

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Love your games!!! Anxiously waiting for NB3!!!

All looks very nice. Can't wait to play it!

Looking really good! Awesome work guys

Nice! Really coming along now. Love the screenshots. :)

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