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Wait, that came out wrong.  let me try that again.  Okay.  Hi.  My name is Mark Darin.  I'm both an indi developer and a professional game designer. Well, I was anyway, up until last week.  For the last 14 years I've been a lead Designer and Writer at Telltale Games,  Cool right?!  Yeah, it kinda was.  Until Telltale shut it's doors last Friday, booting everyone out without warning and without any kind of severance pay whatsoever.  Yeah, not so cool. You can read up on the details here.

So no, instead of panicking and taking the first game dev job offered to me, I've decided to take my time and develop the Nick Bounty game that I've been wanting to make for years.   It's an exciting and terrifying time for me.  With no more income coming my way, I need to raise the funds that will allow me the time needed to concentrate on this game.  And that's where you come in.

I could use your help raising the funds and getting the word out!  Every little bit helps, especially now!

Thank you so much!!


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Sorry to hear that you were caught up in the Telltale fiasco.  I now see where some of your adventure game talent comes from :-).  Good luck on your kickstarter!

A long time fan of pinheadgames! So sorry to hear about that, smh. Glad you are staying positive and continuing your passion to create games. Definitely looking forward to this. :) Best of luck with the Kickstarter campaign!