Last hours for Nick Bounty on Kickstarter!

Well, here we are within the last 12 hours of the fundraiser campaign for our new Nick Bounty adventure game! There is still time to donate so don't miss your chance!

You guys helped us reach our initial goal in the first two weeks, and then kept supporting the project to earn us an additional 5k!

We've raised enough to pay for our assets and production costs as well as giving us the ability to provide other ex-Telltale artists some contract work. And it's already starting to pay off! The concept art is looking amazing!

Now that the fundraising part is coming to a close, I'm looking forward to jumping right back into production and start building the game again.

Thank again to everyone for your support. It's been a crazy and terrifying year and I truly appreciate you all coming together to help me though it and to help me make this project a reality!  

Get Nick Bounty and The Dame with the Blue Chewed Shoe

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I can't afford to assist in the funding of this game :(. will it be available to everyone or only to the people who helped? I love the Nick Bounty games and am very excited about this one!

Of course when it's finished, the game will be available for anyone to buy!